Prof. Dr. Ercüment Ovalı

Prof. Dr. Ercüment Ovalı


He was born in Kırklareli, Turkey in 1961. He started his medical education in Hacettepe
Medical School and continued his education in 19 Mayis University. After he graduated in
1985, he specialised in Internal Medicine, in 1991 at the same university. He completed his
Sub-specialization training in the field of Hematology in 1998 at Marmara University. Ovalı,
who started his academic career in Karadeniz Technical University, Internal Medicine
Department in 1992, became Associate Professor in 1994 and Professor in 1999. He was the
chairman of the Internal Medicine Department and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in
Karadeniz Technical University. In 2003, he worked as the project coordinator in the
foundation of the first GMP facility in Trabzon, Karadeniz Technical University. From 2007 to
2010; as the project manager of the first GMP facility of international standards for cellular
therapies in Turkey, he brought 14 different cellular treatment products, especially
mesenchymal stem cell therapy to our country.
On December 1, 2010, he was appointed as the director of Acibadem Labcell cell laboratory
and Cord Blood Bank. He still continues his duties as a director in Acibadem Hospital
Altunizade Stem Cell Clinic, Acibadem Labcell Cell and Cord Blood Laboratories, also HLA
Tissue Typing Laboratories and work Acibadem Altunizade Hospital Bone Marrow
Transplantation Center. He had published more than 350 publications, 69 of which are
overseas, have a citation rate of 5.7.
He also served as a member of the Ministry of Health’s Bone Marrow Transplantation
Commission and as a chairman of the Coordination Council for Cord Blood Banks. He has
been a board member of TUBA stem cell since 2013, and a member of TUSEB Cancer
Advisory Board since 2017.
34 different cellular treatment products developed and launched by the Ovali as of today,
including artificial skin (DermoTürk; received the best experimental study award in the USA
in 2017) and 4 other tissue engineering products. There are currently 6 patent applications.
His research of interests are cancer immunotherapy applications, and graft engineering in
bone marrow transplantations. Other ongoing studies are virus-specific T cells and
genetically modified T and NK cells (CAR-T cell / CAR-NK92). He has also been working on
gene therapy in Thalassemia, Sickle cell, and in DMD diseases. His recent research studies
include complete cloning and artificial uteruse for ex vivo embryogenesis.


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